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NovaCHARGE’s New “Hot-Standby” Innovation Delivers Automatic Failover Protection for Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers


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Innovation allows redundant connection to multiple mobile carriers to enable non-stop EV charging connectivity for Electric Vehicle (EV) charger operators and EV drivers

ORLANDO, Fla., June 27, 2022 — NovaCHARGE, an innovation-driven leader in Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE), today announced it has completed successful pilots of a new Hot Standby feature that provides mobile network redundancy and eliminates single-point failover at the mobile carrier level. This feature enables more robust EVSE communications to address the critical need for timely EV charging in Fleet, Workplace, Public, and High-density Residential customers.

In the past, if the connection to a carrier degraded or was lost, EV drivers had to find another way to charge, or risk being stranded. Now, if a mobile carrier goes offline for any reason, the other carrier can be utilized by all the chargers at a site. Any failover and switch to a different carrier is completely automatic.

The success of the pilots in the City of Brevard, North Carolina, and the City of Orlando, Florida, assures that anyone managing EV chargers can tap into 100% redundancy with their mobile carriers by utilizing the hot standby feature. Before this pilot, operators were stuck with a single mobile carrier and a single point of failure.

“This expansion of EV charging infrastructure is part of Orlando’s continued efforts to transform the city into one of the most environmentally friendly, socially inclusive, and economically vibrant cities in America,” said Chris Castro, Orlando’s Director of Sustainability and Resilience. “By expanding this more reliable critical infrastructure throughout the community this will help to support the growth of clean, zero-emission transportation solutions for city operations, residents, and visitors.”

In the City of Orlando, NovaCHARGE replaced the single gateway in place and re-configured the City’s chargers to support two gateways, one that is connected over the 4G-LTE service to mobile carrier ATT and a second that points to the Verizon mobile network. NovaCHARGE successfully deployed the same redundant configuration in Orlando’s Blue Jacket Park adding another layer of reliability for the city’s EV drivers.

“Our new hot standby feature extends the usefulness of our charger product line and cements NovaCHARGE’s lead in the delivery of highly available, reliable, and sustainable EV hardware and software,” said Oscar Rodriguez, chairman and CEO of NovaCHARGE. “We are especially pleased to debut this feature that ensures the critical robustness and high-availability needed to deliver reliable charging station access for drivers.”

The NovaCHARGE Hot Standby solution will be on display for customer demonstrations this week at EPRI’s Electrification 2022 Show (Booth #1323), in Charlotte NC.

About NovaCHARGE, Inc.
NovaCHARGE, Inc., founded in 2008, is a nationally recognized technology manufacturer and turnkey systems integrator of electric vehicle (EV) hardware and cloud software. NovaCHARGE offers innovative EV charging solutions and boasts open standards, in both its next generation ChargeUP Network and NC7000 and NC8000 Level 2 hardware lines. As a leading provider of EV networked charging solutions, NovaCHARGE has architected successful deployments for thousands of businesses across the United States. NovaCHARGE is headquartered in Orlando, Florida. ChargeUP is a trademark property of NovaCHARGE, Inc. For more information, visit


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