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EV Charging Station Hardware Solutions

Our EV charging solutions are widely compatible, built on open standards, and designed to be accessible for everyone.

EV Charging Stations We Offer

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NC7000 Series EV Level 2 Charging Stations

Designed for all commercial applications with cost-effective deployments, the toughest commercial conditions, and we always include future-proof capabilities.

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NC8000 Series EV Level 2 Charging stations

Designed for all commercial applications. Universal Product Interoperability built on open standards ensures compatibility. Flexible Business Models enable business agility. Remote Management guarantees reliable, seamless operation.

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Level 3 DC Fast EV Charging Stations

DC Fast Chargers

We know one size doesn't fit all. That’s why NovaCHARGE not only offers its own line of premier charging stations, we are proud to also supply quality DC Fast Chargers from ABB, BTC and Efacec.

Whether you are expanding or upgrading, our expert EV charging experts will help you find the right charging solutions for your business model.
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Designed to exceed the expectations of everyone.

Our EV charging stations are designed to meet the challenging needs of fleet operators, commercial businesses, EVSPs, and utilities. Built on open standards, all of our solutions offer the high quality and reliability that our customers demand.

High Quality

Quality drives everything we do. We create Lifetime Value with our strict adherence to open standards, ensuring interoperability and longevity.

Intuitive Interface

Our stocking inventory of best-in-breed hardware provides quick order turnaround

Proven ROI

With ChargeUP, our nextgen charging platform management system, we'll show you how to create flexible business models delivering true ROI and 97% or better uptime.

Premium Warranty & Support

We offer the strongest warranty in the EVSE industry. 
Our 7/24/365 North American-based support is supplemented by our industry-leading AI driven NovaBOT.
NovaBOT resolves Tier 1 issues to avoid truck rolls.

Make EV charging easy!

We are one of the only companies that can provide turnkey installation, managing all aspects of the project.

Resources that Help Understand Our Products

Our EV charging solutions are widely compatible, built on open standards, and designed to be accessible for everyone.