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Our EV Charging Products

At NovaCHARGE, we deliver seamless EV charging experiences by building reliable EV charging solutions that property managers, fleet owners, business owners, utilities, municipalities, airports and many others can depend on. 

Level 2 Commercial EV Chargers

NC8000 Series EV Charging Stations

  • Universal Product Interoperability built on open standards ensures EV charging station and charging app compatibility.  
  • Utility-Grade EV charging equipment
  • Flexible business models enable business agility.
  • Remote Management via a robust charging platform management system guarantees reliable, seamless operation.
  • Promote your brand with our custom branded charging station faceplate.

Proven to Meet the EV Charging Demands of All Organizations

  • 7.68 kW (32A); 9.6kW (40A), 19.2kW (80A)
  • Provides Greater Flexibility with Robust EV Charging Applications
  • One of the Strongest EVSE Warranty in the Industry
  • 25-ft Charging Cords; Commercial-Grade Connectors
  • ChargeUP Network Management Available for Charging Station Owners and Hosts
Level 3 DC Fast EV Charging Stations

Best-in-Breed Hardware from Reputable EV Charging Station Manufacturers

We know one size doesn't fit all.  When it comes to EV charging solutions, you need flexibility.

That’s why NovaCHARGE not only offers its own line of premier EV charging stations, but we are also proud to supply quality EV chargers from these manufacturers. Whether you are expanding, upgrading, or replacing unreliable charging stations, our EV charging experts will help you find the right EV charging solutions for whichever business model meets your needs.


DC Charging Series

The ABB DC series charging stations are designed for quick, convenient charging, and its compact size makes it perfect for public, fleet, and commercial applications.

**NovaCHARGE supports most major models from this manufacturer.


BTC Power

DCFC Charging Series

The BTC DCFC series has a large array of Level 3 DC Fast Chargers for workplace, multi-dwelling, commercial & highway applications.

**NovaCHARGE supports most major models from this manufacturer.

NextGen Charging Platform Management System

Realize the Full Potential of Your EV Chargers

The ChargeUP Network
is a comprehensive, next-generation, EV charging management solution. 

Did you know it can also manage networked EV charging stations from other manufacturers?

NovaCHARGE EV Charging Station Benefits

Secure, Robust, and Scalable Utility-Grade Hardware

Full Multi-vendor Open-standard OCPP Management

Administrator-defined Pricing & Usage Models

Flexible Charging Station Owner &  Host Role Definitions

Full Host Management for Each EV Charging Station Location

Flexible Administrative Accounting & Reporting to Optimize Station Performance and Monitor EV Charging Station ROI