Workplace EV Charging

You Can Attract and Retain Top Talent with Perks and Benefits Such As Workplace EV Charging

Nearly ¾ of current workers want employers who put sustainability in the forefront. Workplace EV charging can help.

Remember when the “employee of the month” got a parking spot? These days, that same employee wants a spot with an EV charging station. In fact, millennial employees are willing to prioritize workplace EV charging over monetary compensation. Enabling reliable workplace EV charging is an investment in a sustainable future, for employers, property owners/managers, parking structure owners, and employees who appreciate an employer’s environmental efforts.

And, it’s not just your employees who are noticing. ESG efforts are garnering the attention of boards, investors, partners, vendors, and customers. Workplace EV charging stations can boost your reputation, earn new business, and establish your business as a sustainability leader in your industry.

Workplace EV Charging Station Benefits

Help your business make an environmental impact and be a sustainability leader.

Attract and retain top talent in a highly competitive employment market.

Improve your employees' experience.

Maximize EV charger utilization to serve all EV drivers and encourage EV adoption.

Workplace EV Charging is a great employee and employer perk

But the perks don’t end there, and they’re not just for employees. Installing chargers can also provide income. Employers have complete flexibility when it comes to business models and fee structures. If you currently offer parking passes, add a choice for an EV parking pass with free charging for a set amount of time and then assess charging fees once the limit is reached.

Attach EV charging to workplace incentive programs or, if the site’s appropriate, consider offering after business hours public EV charging stations. In addition to putting your business on the path to sustainability, workplace EV charging stations and commercial EV charging can, quite literally, put you on the map, helping drivers find you and your business. 

Finally, with local advertising options and branded EV charging stations, you gain valuable marketing and promotional opportunities for your business, partners, vendors, and more.

Effortlessly Implement Workplace EV Charging

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Step 1: Identify Workplace EV Charging Needs

  • Electrical Assessment
  • Site Survey

Step 2: Customized NovaCHARGE EV Charging Solution

Best-of-breed hardware and ChargeUP charging platform management system
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Step 3: EV Charging Station Installation

We can manage the complete EV charging stations install or work with your preferred local installation vendor


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Step 4: Commissioning & Training

  • EV charging platform management system administrator training
  • Customize usage, billing and reporting to provide transparency and visibility into ROI
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Step 5: Ongoing Support

7/24/365 North American based support for life of product and services

Frequently Asked Questions

How does installation work?

Use your preferred local installation vendor or NovaCHARGE® will bring in vetted professionals to ensure that your site can be optimized for EV charging. Installation decisions are based on factors such as the capacity of the electrical service as well as the practical layout of the property.


That depends on the solutions you choose and existing infrastructure. Preparing for an increase in EV drivers by making additional parking spaces EV-ready with conduit and electrical wiring connected to a power source. Installing multiple units at once can lead to a lower per-unit cost.


Create revenue with different payment models including per hour, session, or kWh, and for idling.  The NovaCHARGE ChargeUP® nextgen management system lets you control and adjust billing so that you can scale and adapt to changing usage and demands. Also, our dynamic power optimization software enables 3x more chargers to be installed without upgrading electrical capacity.

Yes. While this varies by area and use, we’ll help you find and take advantage of local, regional and federal incentives.

Commercial EV Chargers and NextGen Administration

We’ll provide the right EV charging solution for your facility.

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