ChargeUP - Our NextGen charging platform management system puts you in the driver's seat.

Experience Unparalleled Flexibility, Visibility, and EV Charging Station Control!

Purpose-built for every EV charging station host, owner, and EV driver!

ChargeUP® is a comprehensive, next-generation, EV charging platform management system (CPMS). EV charging station operators benefit from full multi-vendor, open-standard OCPP management, administrator-defined pricing and usage models, flexible host and station manager role definitions, full host location management, and flexible administrative accounting and reporting.

EV drivers will enjoy the intuitive iOS and Android EV charging app, making finding EV charging stations easy and simplifying the start of an EV charging session.

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Our EV Charging Station Management Solution



Multiple Fee Models Create Flexible Revenue Streams for Commercial EV Charging Solutions

Ability to create flexible and personalized usage rules, enabling differentiation in EV charger access for a variety of EV drivers

Superior flexibility in usage & pricing rules for a variety of accounts, EV drivers, electric vehicles, and organization

Future-Proof EV Charging Features

True Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) compliant to select any EV charging network provider

Web-enabled, platform independent, virtual & secure user access

Support for driver access via both mobile phone application & RFID tag

Flexible EV Charging Station Owner & Host Roles

Integrated: All EV chargers & locations are managed by one organization with host-defined rules

Distributed: Enables variety in EV charging station management creating flexible business models, permissions, access, pricing and more

EV Charging Power Management

Multiple Options for EV Charging Power Management from NovaCHARGE!

NovaCHARGE innovation supports power management and demand response for  utilities, fleets, multi-dwelling units, and any other location with limited available power.  Complete flexibility in multiple options that can work in combination or stand alone:  Fixed Hardware Power Limiting, Dynamic Local Power Management, and cloud Virtual Circuit Technology.  All powered by ChargeUP, our next-generation charging platform management system.  

Ready to get and stay connected to an EV charging network?

Our EV charging network was designed to provide best in breed connectivity and reliability, but we didn't stop there. We're also giving you unparalleled transparency, flexibility, and control. Let's get started!

Even More Powerful Features



  • ADR 2.0 & OCPI Compliant
  • Multi-user EV charging hardware & driver management interface
  • Location-aware EV hardware setup & management
  • Web-enabled, platform independent, virtual & secure user access
  • Roles-based system allows diversity of assignments for administrative users
  • Support for driver access via both mobile phone application & RFID tags


  • Integrated & distributed management models
  • Native management & maintenance of chargers by an organization
  • Enables a variety of “host” organizations to manage specific business models
  • Provides for separate organizational permissions & access rights for hosts
  • Host-level pricing & usage rules defined for specific locations
  • Independent user logins & reporting for hosts vs. station manager


  • Ability to create usage rules that enable differentiation in EV charger access
  • Ability to apply usage & pricing rules for accounts, drivers, vehicles, & organizations
  • Host-defined flexible pricing rules designed to support a variety of business models
  • Support for public charging, including kWh pricing, parking pricing & Independent tax structures & fee structures
  • Ability to designate transaction fees as driver-paid or administrator-paid fees
  • Driver accounting (via driver portal or mobile app) & charger administration accounting




  • Extensive report template creation enables custom reports
  • Allows for charger and organizational usage and session reporting
  • Ability to save and share report templates among administrative users
  • Create branding opportunities with customized organizational logo provided on shared reports
  • EV charging station data available for data analytics software via API

EV Charging Apps & RFID FOBs

Mobile EV charging apps make it easy for operators & drivers to communicate, while key FOBs embedded with RFID make it simple for access EV charging stations for charging needs.

EV Drivers get complete control and access
to their ChargeUP driver account via the ChargeUP driver mobile app.


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Our ChargeUP EV charging app is available for both Apple and Android devices, allowing drivers to:

Find EV chargers

Start an EV charging session

Add payment methods for charging sessions

View account balances & transaction history

Download our ChargeUP Application Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

How does ChargeUP® work?

Step 1:
Download the ChargeUP driver app from the Google or Apple links above.

Step 2:
Create an account using your email and phone number.

Step 3:
Add funds by loading a debit or credit card into the app and adding your preferred payment method.  Begin charging by scanning the QR code on the charger’s panel.

Rates for charging are set by the station owner. Detailed session fees are listed within the app once the QR Code has been scanned. All fees, if any, will be listed for you to review before beginning your charge.

Our NovaCHARGE® customer care team is available to assist drivers 24/7 and can be reached at support@NovaCHARGE®®.net or by calling 1 (833) 789-1400.