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EV Charging for Businesses

We’re ready to deliver turnkey solutions for your customers, employees, and tenants.

We’re ready to deliver turnkey EV charging solutions for your customers, employees, and tenants.

Working with us is simple: We offer a range of commercial EV charging solutions tailored to your application and business model.

Delivering cost-effective, high-quality, evergreen EV charging, we empower EV drivers with safe and reliable charging and EV charging station owners with flexible and profitable business models to ensure ROI on your EV charging solution. 

We are proud to have some of the most well-known commercial organizations in the country using our white label EV charging solutions featuring their brand or with ours– NovaCHARGE. You already know us and our EV charging stations and we can show you how!


Next-Gen Charging Platform Management System

Realize the Full Potential of Commercial EV Chargers


The ChargeUP® Network is a comprehensive, next-generation, EV charging platform management system. 

Did you know it can also manage charging stations from other manufacturers?

Key Features:

Full Multi-vendor Open-standard OCPP Management

Administrator-defined Pricing & Usage Models

Flexible Host & Station Manager Role Definitions

Full Host Location Management

Flexible Administrative Accounting & Reporting

AI Driven Level 1 Maintenance Support with NovaBOT
Strongest EVSE Warranty in the Industry

Key Benefits:

Unparalleled Visibility into Your EV Charging Stations 
Unmatched Flexibility Offering a Business Model Tailored to Your Needs
Unwavering Support ,from EV Charging Solution to EV Charging Success

Unsurpassed Reliability for You and the EV Drivers You Serve

Unrivaled Management Features Enabling Remote Management of EV Charging stations

ChargeUP May Be Able to Help You Manage Stations from Other Compatible EV Charging Stations From Other Manufacturers**

**Dependent upon integration feasibility studies

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We serve thousands of organizations nationwide. Working with us is easy: We offer a range of EV charging solutions tailored to your application and business model.


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Our Level 2 and DC fast commercial EV charging stations are widely compatible, built on open standards, and designed to be accessible to all EV drivers.