Sustainability Benefits of EV Charging Solutions

We hear a lot about sustainability and both electric vehicles and EV charging infrastructure play an important role in building sustainable cities, transportation, and businesses.

As more and more people seek to live sustainably and make more sustainable decisions about their purchases and actions, understanding how we can all play a part in making sustainable visions a reality is essential.

Today, there’s an EV for everybody – super moms and dads, adventurers and road trippers, heavy load haulers and smart car owners. We’ve seen the evolution of electric vehicles as they have entered the mainstream, used for daily commutes,, getting groceries, feeling the turn in that curvy mountain road, and even EV fleets delivering goods and services. It’s a sustainable choice that looks good on you, your business or property, your city, and, perhaps most importantly, on our planet.


The EV revolution is just getting started

With federal and local governments starting to see the impact and benefits of electric vehicles and EV infrastructure, there’s a larger push than ever to increase EV adoption and motivate businesses and communities to build, support, and invest in EVs and EV infrastructure.

One in three Americans say they would be likely to buy an electric vehicle (powered exclusively by electricity, that is-not a hybrid) for their next auto purchase, with millennials leading the way with 330% and Gen X following just behind at 22%

Whether you, individually, or your business/property has sustainability goals, EV infrastructure absolutely has a role in helping you achieve those objectives. Do you want to be in the driver’s seat when it comes to meeting demand for sustainable solutions?

Sustainability requires leaders. Join us. 

Achieving a sustainable future means driving EVs, which goes-hand-in-hand with widespread, reliable, utility-grade EV charging. 

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red car using a novaCHARGE EV charging station