EV Fleet Operational Excellence = Readiness ÷ Cost

NovaCHARGE Fleet Director is like air traffic control for your quick-turn EV fleet 

Not all EV fleets are created equal

NovaCHARGE Fleet Director makes the quick-turn EV fleet live up to its name!

More and more, the news includes stories about everyone from corporations (like Frito Lay) to municipalities (like NYC) making or accelerating the shift to EV fleets. In fact, many major corporations that provide goods and services and rely on their own fleets are making the transition.

From companies like Amazon, Best Buy, Avis Budget Group, and Verizon, to delivery organizations like FedEx and the USPS, the switch makes good business sense.  It’s not just big business though. Everyone seems to be getting in on the battery-powered action. Big cities, like Los Angeles, New York, and Detroit, have large fleets (NYC’s municipal fleet boasts approximately 30,000 vehicles), but it’s also smaller cities like Columbus, OH that are making the move and taking the future into their own hands.

As fleet electrification advances, however, the challenges of fueling the EV fleet are more than just having the right charging infrastructure being in place. The #1 challenge is delivering on the quick-turn metric.

To do that effectively requires shifting control from humans to NovaCHARGE's Fleet Director.  

Fleet Director is software that enables profitable quick-turn fleet electrification by increasing overall fleet readiness through:

  • Optimal vehicle and EV charger utilization
  • Improved labor efficiencies, with staff tracking and reporting
  • Lower total cost of charging

Fleet Director Benefits

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Optimal EV Fueling:  The right vehicle, on the right charger, at the right time



Improved labor efficiencies, with staff tracking:  Predicting necessary manpower and efficiently dispatching drivers to move vehicles as needed.


Reduce capital costs through efficient utilization of public EV charging infrastructure - no need to build out a full EV charging solution!

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NovaCHARGE Fleet Director overlays current EV chargers and leverages those nearby, including Tesla and other Non-OCPP compliant chargers.

NovaCHARGE Fleet Director: Air Traffic Control for Quick-Turn EV Fleet Readiness

Fleet Director is aware of all locations, EV chargers, vehicles, and workers registered within the system and uses that information to assign jobs and tasks to nearby available workers. The end result? Optimized labor workflow to get all under-charged vehicles to an optimally charged state.

See What Fleet Director Includes


EV Fleet Data

  • Add and Manage Vehicles
  • Add and Manage Chargers
  • Add and Manage Locations
  • Add and Manage Labor Available (Users)
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EV Fleet Actions

  • Photograph & Scan Vehicle
  • Pick up Vehicle at specified location
  • Move, Charge, or Drop Off Vehicle at specified location
  • Vehicle selection for charging priority
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Works on Non-OCPP Compliant EV Chargers

Allows indirect control / monitoring of Tesla and other Non-OCPP compliant chargers.


Fleet Director Configuration

Provides flexible settings to:
  • Enable/Disable job priority
  • Set max vehicle charging percentage separately for AC and DC chargers
  • Configure average worker cost per hour
  • Allow creation of registration codes so new workers can self-register to the system
  • Allow creation and display of announcements to system users
  • Self-register and create account using registration code.

  • Mark self as available/not available for work (set worker status)


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Fleet Director Dashboard Reporting

Provides robust data, oversight, and reporting with flexible configuration.


Shows percentage of vehicles currently charged. Displays graph of vehicles charged in the past 12 hours.

  • Shows worker efficiency percentage (jobs completed today)
  • Shows the number of currently active workers,
  • Shows the number of worker issues today
  • Displays graph of worker efficiency over previous 12 hours


  • Shows the day’s total charger efficiency percentage (percentage of utilization vs capacity), graphs of current charger utilization.

Electricity Usage:

  • Shows total kWh dispensed in current day
  • Shows total charging transactions for current day
  • Displays graph of kWh dispensed in previous 12 hours

Fleet Director App & Support

  • Mobile app keeps all available labor connected and easily managing EV's. 
  • Map:  Live updating display optionally showing all workers, locations, and vehicles in the area.
  • 24/7/365 eyes on network coverage, alerting, and driver support.
  • Alerted to problems before becoming severe
  • Able to detect driver issues at charger
  • Armed with tools to act proactively to situations
  • Provide triage (level1) support for drivers
  • Able to help with app, payments, accounts, and remote starting of chargers.
Commercial EV Chargers and NextGen Administration

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Next-Gen Charging Platform Management System

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The ChargeUP® Network is a comprehensive, next-generation, EV charging platform management system. 

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Full Multi-vendor Open-standard OCPP Management

Administrator-defined Pricing & Usage Models

Flexible Host & Station Manager Role Definitions

Full Host Location Management

Flexible Administrative Accounting & Reporting