Optimize EV Charging for Fleets

Lower TCO (total cost of ownership) with our reliable EV charging solutions and make your fleet zoom!

By 2025, 30% of all fleets will be electric, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance Ltd. Spurred by the introduction of new technologies and vehicles, infrastructure improvements, and emission reduction legislation, fleet operators are embracing electrification in earnest. 

Fleet operators of all sizes have been increasingly investing in replacing internal combustion engine vehicles with EV for two key reasons: cheaper fuel costs (costing around half of gasoline-equivalent vehicles) and cheaper maintenance (a few moving parts in an EV vs. hundreds in traditional).

As fleets embark on their electrification project, it is important that you have a reputable EVSE provider that understands your business model. Together, we can assist you in selecting the right charging solutions, architecting the best system design, properly installing and activating your equipment and providing the support and diagnostics you need to be successful.


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Fueling and Maintenance Optimization = Lower TCO per vehicle.
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Make an environmental impact and be a sustainability leader.

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Deliver a seamless driver/driving experience at the depot, on-the-road, or at home.
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Configure and track fleet charging with load management options to control energy delivery.
Not All Fleets are Created Equal

Not all fleets are created equal. NovaCHARGE Fleet Director makes the quick-turn EV fleet live up to its name!

Fleet Director is aware of all locations, EV chargers, vehicles, and workers registered within the system and uses that information to assign jobs and tasks to nearby available workers. The end result? Optimized labor workflow to get all under-charged vehicles to an optimally charged state.

The Time to Electrify Your Fleet Is Now!

Learn about strategies for optimizing your fleet operations and fleet electrification.

NovaCHARGE Offers

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Transition Planning

Optimized transition plan, total cost of ownership review, and incentives support

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Charger Equipment Provisioning

Hardware custom-matched to meet fleet needs
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Turnkey Deployment

Design, engineering, permitting, utility coordination, construction, installation, and commissioning

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ChargeUP® NextGen Charging Platform Management System

Charger & vehicle management with ultimate flexibility for optimum business models

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Systems Integrations

Telematics, fleet, and other third-party systems integrations

Does Your Fleet Need Mobile EV Charging?

FLEXX Mobile EV Charging

If you have a medium to large size EV fleet, the FLEXX mobile charging solution is what you need when EV charging needs to come to the fleet vehicle! 

The “Flex” inside of Flexx Mobile Charger stands for flexible.  This EV charging system was specifically designed to meet the use cases that traditional charging solutions fail to meet.

The system is easy to move around, yet packs large power sources for longer charging use without needing to recharge the unit as often.  The system comes in multiple power source configurations, allowing you to purchase only what you need.


Commercial EV Chargers and NextGen Administration

Designed for revenue-enhancing cost-effective deployments, the toughest commercial conditions, and we always include future-proof capabilities.

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Next-Gen Charging Platform Management System

Realize the Full Potential of Your EV Chargers

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The ChargeUP® Network is a comprehensive, next-generation, EV charging platform management system. 

Did you know it can also manage charging stations from other manufacturers?

Key features:

Full Multi-vendor Open-standard OCPP Management

Administrator-defined Pricing & Usage Models

Flexible Host & Station Manager Role Definitions

Full Host Location Management

Flexible Administrative Accounting & Reporting

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