Advanced Support Options for EV Chargers

NovaCHARGE's Advanced Support Options Maximize Your Charger's Readiness

What support options are there for my EV chargers?

Choosing the Right Plan

There are three packages that include comprehensive features to meet your needs. When combined with NovaCHARGE curated EV charging hardware and ChargeUP's robustness and flexibility, site hosts will truly maximize their charger's readiness. 


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Leverage NovaBOT's AI driven proactive maintenance monitoring to provide Tier 1 support that can reduce truck rolls by 67% and address potential issues before they impact any charging experience

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24/7 limited host support with advanced troubleshooting during standard business hours

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Scalable to hundreds of NC8000 chargers to aid maximum readiness and uptime

NovaCHARGE Support Offers for EV Chargers
Advanced Support Options for NovaCHARGE's NC8000 EV Chargers

NovaCHARGE is committed to world-class support for all customers to help their EV chargers stay up and running for drivers to use. NovaCHARGE's Advanced Support Options are available for customers seeking the ultimate uptime and resiliency for their EV charging stations. 

NovaCHARGE offers industry-leading AI driven NovaBOT proactive maintenance monitoring in real time

Numerous service calls can become expensive, but reducing or avoiding truck rolls is a key objective to lower your TCO. NovaBOT helps you do just that. Our artificial intelligence drives charger reliability by resolving Tier 1 Issues to help your team avoid truck rolls. 

NovaBOT Benefits

NovaBOT Never Sleeps: Runs 7 x 24 x 365 

AI Scalable to any of EV Charging Stations

Automatically Handles EV Charging Station Operational Issues
Unparalleled Visibility Means NovaBOT Leverages Enhanced Notifications in ChargeUP

Alerts and Hands Off to Human Agents When Needed

Next-Gen Charging Platform Management System

Realize the Full Potential of Your EV Chargers

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The ChargeUP® Network is a comprehensive, next-generation, EV charging platform management system. 

Did you know it can also manage charging stations from other manufacturers?

Key features:

Full Multi-vendor Open-standard OCPP Management

Administrator-defined Pricing & Usage Models

Flexible Host & Station Manager Role Definitions

Full Host Location Management

Flexible Administrative Accounting & Reporting