Commercial EV Charging for Hotels and Hospitality

Commercial EV Charging at a traveler’s home away from home

Say goodbye to road trip range anxiety with commercial EV charging stations for hotels and hospitality.

Range anxiety is no joke and low EV charging density is a challenge for EV drivers. Long range road trips should be out of the picture and commercial EV charging stations at hotels, resorts, motels, and lodging facilities are an excellent way to pull in travelers who need to recharge.

Most EV drivers charge at home, overnight, because it provides ample time to get a complete charge, allowing them to start the day and get on the road ready to go. Your hotel or motel can do the same. The longer dwell time is a natural environment for EV charging.  

Benefits of Commercial EV Charging for Hotels and Hospitality

EV charging stations attract more high value guests who spend more.

Make an environmental impact and be a sustainability leader in the hospitality industry.

Maximize EV charging station utilization to serve all guests while enabling new revenue models for your hotel, motel, resort, and other lodging options.

Local, state, utility and federal incentives for EV charging infrastructure are available NOW!

Help travelers charge up while they recharge and rest

 Commercial EV charging stations can attract more guests and appeal to guests who spend more. In fact, EV drivers’ income is 2X the national average. Not only do they have the income to spend on lodging, but you can build loyalty with these coveted consumers by providing an in-demand service.

Resort, hotel, motel, campgrounds, RV resorts, timeshare condominiums, Airbnb, or VRBO can all benefit from providing commercial EV charging stations.  They charge while they sleep and you increase income while they charge. It’s a win-win.
With the NovaCHARGE ChargeUP® nextgen management system, flexible fee models mean you can offer free parking for a set amount of time and then charge a fee for extended charging. You can include a certain number of charges with the entire stay, add it to the resort fee, or even add it to a loyalty program. ChargeUP® has the flexibility you need to meet travelers’ needs.

From concept to design to implementation and beyond,

We’ll work to customize EV charging for your needs.

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Step 1: Identify Commercial EV Charging Needs

  • Electrical Assessment
  • Hospitality or Hotel Site Survey

Step 2: Customized NovaCHARGE EV Charging Solution

Best-of-breed hardware and ChargeUP charging platform management system
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Step 3: EV Charging Station Installation

We can manage the complete EV charging stations install or work with your preferred local installation vendor


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Step 4: Commissioning & Training

  • Charging platform management system administrator training
  • Customize usage, billing and reporting to measure EV charging station usage, revenue metrics, and more
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Step 5: Ongoing Support

7/24/365 North American based support for life of product and services

Commercial EV Chargers and NextGen Administration

We’ll provide the right EV charging solution for your hotel or hospitality site.