NovaBOT - Our proactive maintenance monitoring software for EV charging stations

Ensuring EV Charger Uptime and Reliability. Now that's NovaBOT Cool!  

Leverage AI to provide Tier 1 maintenance that can reduce truck rolls by up to 67%.

All EV chargers on NovaCHARGE’s ChargeUP network can benefit from NovaBOT’s continuous charger monitoring. During normal operation, the AI-driven NovaBOT regularly monitors deployed charger health, identifying potential charger health issues.

NovaBOT can be employed to automatically respond to identified charger issues and initiate charger self-healing or create service tickets as necessary. NovaBOT-enabled EV charging systems can reduce or eliminate the need for costly truck rolls by detecting, and in many cases solving, potential issues before they impact the EV charging experience.

From EV fleets to commercial EV charging stations, functionality is essential and NovaBOT can help take maintenance issues off your plate, helping you realize revenue and build a reputation for reliability. 

Smart EV Charging Stations

EV Charging Station Reliability at the Touch of a Button

Non-functioning EV charging stations plague EV charging infrastructure. When we entered the market over a decade ago, we wanted to be part of the solution, not the problem. We know time and resources are valuable, so we designed NovaBOT to be your level 1 maintenance team. In fact, NovaBOT solves roughly 67% of all support tickets and approximately 95% of all the tickets it creates on its own.

When NovaBOT identifies the need for human intervention, it automatically creates high-priority service tickets to begin the EV charging station support process. This drastically reduces the human resources required to keep your charging network in top condition, ensuring maximum uptime for all EV chargers, maximum road time for your EV fleet, and maximum revenue for commercial charging stations.

In most cases, potential issues with EV charging station functionality are detected and corrected before any drivers experience issues.  For our customers, for EV drivers, this means a seamless charging experience, driving brand value and loyalty for the charging station owner.

NovaBOT Proactive Charging Station Maintenance Benefits

Never Sleeps:  Runs 7/24/365 Ensuring EV Charging Station Reliability

Scalable to Thousands of EV Chargers

Automatically Handles EV Charging Station Operational Issues

Leverages Enhanced Notifications for EV Charging Station Owners and Hosts via ChargeUP

Alerts and Hands Off Charging Station Maintenance Issues to Human Agents When Needed

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