Become an EV Charging Solution Partner

NovaCHARGE is committed to creating the highest quality and best trained EV charging solution partner network in the EV Infrastructure industry. We are a leader in providing Smart EV Charging solutions along with a nextgen charging platform management system, ChargeUP. We offer industry leading reliability and future proof scalability with an AI driven remote diagnostic and services solution.

Become a NovaCHARGE Partner

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EPC, Architecture and Design Firms

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EVSE Value Added Resellers (VARs)

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Maintenance and Services Partners

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EV Electrical Contractor and Installation Partners

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EPC, Architecture and Design Firms

NovaCHARGE works with leading EPC, architecture, and design firms to offer our EV charging solutions in all vertical applications.

We are continuously expanding our EV charging solutions in new regions and to new applications to provide end-to-end EV charging infrastructure to the industry and to support our other sales, service, and charging station installation partners.

NovaCHARGE’s EPC, Architecture and Design partners offer our customers:
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Complete EV charging engineering design services for all aspects of construction projects in commercial & multifamily (MDU), transportation, retail, parking, fleet, alternate energy, utilities and many other applications.
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Leadership in the pre-construction funding, incentive and permitting efforts for new EV charging construction projects or upgrades in a variety of markets and projects.
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Coordination and project management with NovaCHARGE technical solutions and services teams and local Electrical Contractors on all aspects of EV charging designs and implementations.
EVSE Value Add Resell Partners – VARs

NovaCHARGE is committed to offering exceptional opportunities for Value Added Resellers to team with us.

NovaCHARGE VAR sales partners will have experience in any number of vertical application EV and/or green technologies, as well as experience with electrical equipment sales and smart cloud EV charging solutions. 

NovaCHARGE VAR sales partners will focus on specific vertical applications and work with us to educate prospects/customers on next generation Smart EV Charging Solutions.

The NovaCHARGE VAR sales partner will work to:
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Jointly sell EVSE HW and SW Solutions

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Provide EV charging station product representation for business case and technical discussions

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Provide appropriate system/product/maintenance pricing and quotations

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Provide coordination for site surveys, installation, and commissioning

EV Charging Station Maintenance and Service Partners

NovaCHARGE understands the value of offering reliable EV charging solutions.

Our warranty is among the strongest in the EVSE industry. We partner with joint sales and solutions providers and are expanding our National Maintenance and Services Network.

NovaCHARGE service partners offer our joint end customers an “always on” EV charging service experience and will have the tools and technical staff available to support, service, repair, or replace our next generation EV charging solutions.
NovaCHARGE service partners offer a variety of EV charging station monitoring, repair, and service solutions such as:
EVSE operations and service contracts

On-call, 24 hour and other required services for the local market and end customer requirements


Contracted and on-call support, service, repair, and replacement (field, on-line, on-call and remote)


Spare EV charger support


One or more trained and certified NovaCHARGE Services and Repair technicians.

EV Electrical Contractor and Installation Partners

NovaCHARGE is continuously expanding its national Electrical EV Contractor and Installation partner network to provide high quality installations for EV charging stations.

The NovaCHARGE EV charging sattion installation partner will have experience installing commercial and/or industrial electrical equipment and will have readily available customer references.

Additionally, NovaCHARGE charging station installation partners will have all required local electrical licensing and permitting capabilities and will be bonded and insured.  

The NovaCHARGE EV charging station installation partner will work with NovaCHARGE staff and the local target customer to:
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Conduct high quality customer site surveys

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Provide accurate EV charging station layout & design

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Secure all appropriate regulatory permits for the rough-in installation phase

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Provide accurate rough-in installation phase cost estimates

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Procure all materials and provide labor to complete rough-in installation per scheduled dates

NovaCHARGE Partner Program Tiers

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NovaCHARGE partners are enrolled in our Partner Program based on our aligned business objectives.
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The Referral Partner Program offers a way to engage with NovaCHARGE for specific joint opportunities.

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New Partners are automatically considered a First Tier Partner and progress to Premier Partner upon meeting sales or run rate objectives and training certification requirements.

Referral/Teaming Partner

  • Signed NDA & Partner Teaming Agreement
  • Earn Referral/Finder Fees
  • Sales Alignment per Opportunity
  • Training  Requirements per focus area:
    • Installation
    • Commissioning
    • Design & Architect

First Tier Partner

  • Signed NDA & Partner Resale or Install Agreement
  • Basic First Tier Pricing
  • Training Requirements per partner focus:
    • Installation
    • Commissioning
    • Design & Architect
    • Selling NovaCHARGE
    • Selling HW, SW, Services


Premier Partner

  • Signed NDA & Partner Resale or Install Agreement
  • Premier Tier Pricing
  • MDF, DAF and Rebates (TBD)
  • Training Requirements per partner focus
  • Annual sales run rate or commitment
  • Joint GTM and sales plans
  • Designated NovaCHARGE sales, support and partner program contact

NovaCHARGE Partner Program Benefits

  • NovaCHARGE partners have tiered benefits based on type of partner and sales run rate achieved.
  • Project and Deal Registration offers field sales alignment and added incentives
  • Higher partner program levels offer dedicated partner resources pricing discounts
Referral & Teaming
First Tier Partner
Premier Partner

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