Airport EV Charging

Showcase Sustainability with Reliable EV Charging at Your Airport

Sustainable departures and peace of mind on arrival. Airport EV charging meets traveler and employee needs while boosting airport revenue.

Across the nation, airport EV charging installations are accelerating at a rapid pace. EV adoption rates and a desire for sustainable travel means airport travelers, tourists and visitors as well as employees, are driving EVs.

Picking up a pal? Charge while you wait in short-term or the cell-phone lot. Returning from vacation? Charge up in a long-term lot before you hit the road home.

Opportunities for airport EV charging means airport operators can grow revenue by implementing EV chargers in their short-, long-term, and cell-phone parking lots. Join the ever-growing number of airports with EV charging and capitalize on another opportunity to be part of the zero-emission mission.


Benefits of Airport EV Charging

Gain recognition with travelers and employees for deploying a green amenity.

Increase airport parking lot profits with flexible revenue models for EV charging fees.

Demonstrate your airport's commitment to sustainability for your community of stakeholders, travelers, and residents.

Local, state, utility and federal incentives for EV charging infrastructure are available NOW!

Increase Airport Parking Revenue and Improve Fleet Infrastructure

Long term? Short term? Paid parking creates real revenue for airports. Installing airport EV chargers can help increase income from parking lot fees. With the NovaCHARGE ChargeUP® nextgen charging platform management system, flexible business models mean you can offer a hybrid fee structure, balancing free parking for a set amount of time and then initiating fees paid by the EV driver for another block of time.

Just 20 years ago, cell phone and ride service lots didn’t exist. EV charging lots will grow to be a standard amenity and an advantage not just for EV drivers, but also for electrified airport operations fleets, EV shuttle buses, and even EV rentals. Working with the right EVSE provider means scalable future-proof solutions, even if those solutions are not yet standard.

Build incentive programs for travelers or airport employees with airport EV charging that boosts loyalty and retention.

Effortlessly Implement Airport EV Charging

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Does the Airport need to "fuel" EV's in various locations outside standard parking?

FLEXX Mobile EV Charging

If you have a need to "fuel" EV's in various locations outside of standard parking areas, the FLEXX mobile charging solution is what you need! 

The “Flex” inside of Flexx Mobile Charger stands for flexible.  This EV charging system was specifically designed to meet the use cases that traditional charging solutions fail to meet.

The system is easy to move around, yet packs large power sources for longer charging use without needing to recharge the unit as often.  The system comes in multiple power source configurations, allowing you to purchase only what you need.


From concept to design to implementation and beyond,

Let NovaCHARGE help you with your airport EV charging solution

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Step 1: Identify Airport EV Charging Needs

  • Electrical Assessment
  • Parking Lot and Site Survey

Step 2: Customized NovaCHARGE Solution

Best-of-breed hardware and ChargeUP charging platform management system tailored to meet the needs of your airport EV charging solution
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Step 3: EV Charging Station Installation

We can manage the complete EV charging stations install or work with your preferred local installation vendor


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Step 4: Commissioning & Training

  • Charging platform management system administrator training
  • Customize usage, billing and reporting to measure EV charging station usage, revenue metrics, and more
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Step 5: Ongoing EV Charging Solution Support

7/24/365 North American based support for life of product and services

Frequently Asked Questions

How does installation work?

Use your preferred local installation vendor or NovaCHARGE® will bring in vetted professionals to ensure that your site can be optimized for EV charging. Installation decisions are based on factors such as the capacity of the electrical service as well as the practical layout of the property.


That depends on the solutions you choose and existing infrastructure. Preparing for an increase in EV drivers by making additional parking spaces EV-ready with conduit and electrical wiring connected to a power source. Installing multiple units at once can lead to a lower per-unit cost.


Create revenue with different payment models including per hour, session, or kWh, and for idling.  The NovaCHARGE ChargeUP® nextgen management system lets you control and adjust billing so that you can scale and adapt to changing usage and demands. Also, our dynamic power optimization software enables 3x more chargers to be installed without upgrading electrical capacity.

Yes. While this varies by area and use, we’ll help you find and take advantage of local, regional and federal incentives.

Commercial EV Chargers and NextGen Administration

We’ll provide the right EV charging solution for your airport.

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