The NC8000 EV Charging Station

Proven Reliability with Maximum Flexibility


Proven Utility-Grade Reliability

NC8000 Datasheet

NC8000 Install guide (32A)

NC8000 Install guide (40A)

NC8000 Install guide (80A)

NC8000 Local Power Sharing Overview




NovaCHARGE NC8000 charging station

The Ultimate in Flexible and Reliable Level 2 EV Charging

The NC8000 charging station is designed for commercial applications where flexibility and reliability are the priorities.   All fleet and commercial settings including mulit-family dwelling units (MDU’s), airports, shopping malls, hospitals, and municipal parking are a fit for a variety of applications using the NC8000. The NC8000 is available in 32A, 40A and 80A.

red car using a novaCHARGE charging station

Powerful Features

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Universal Product Interoperability

Open standards focus ensures compatibility.

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Supports Flexible Business Models

Custom rules & billing arrangements enable business agility.

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NextGen Charging Platform Management System

Remote management guarantees smooth operation.
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  • All-weather Housing - Rated NEMA4
  • Commercial-grade Connector
  • Corrosion-proof Material
  • No Exposed Screws
  • Tamper-proof Design
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  • Non-networked
  • Authenticated Without a Network
  • Networked
  • RFID Enabled
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  • Easy-to-use Driver Apps
  • Non-reflective LED Display
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  •  Bollard & Wall-mounted Configurations
  • 18’ or 25’ Cord Options
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  • OCPP 1.6j
  • J-1772 Connector
  • Open ADR 2.0


The NC8000 delivers true ROI for flexible business model adoption.

Free-vend Public Charging

Automatic Charging Mode

Networked Cloud Options

Free Charging Mode

Optional Data Collection Mode

Power Select Capable

Public Charging

Fully Networked Charger

RFID Card Enabled

Standard OPP Network

Independent Billing

Flexible User Controls

Flexible Billing Terms
User Authentication

Power Select/Share

24 hr. Driver Support
Web/App Visibility

MDU, Fleet & Workplace Charging

Expanded RFID Option

User Authentication

Cloud Data Collection

Low Operational Cost

Dynamic Load Mgmt

Authenticated Charging

Resilient Transaction Preservation

Cloud Outage Availability

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All of our EV charging stations offer access to our NextGen charging platform management system (CPMS). 

Once you have it you won’t know how you lived without it!