FLEXX Mobile Charging System by ChargeRigs

If you have a medium to large size EV fleet, the FLEXX mobile charging solution is what you need when EV charging needs to come to the fleet vehicle! 

When EV charging needs to come to the fleet vehicle

The perfect segue to full fleet electrification!

The “Flex” inside of Flexx Mobile Charger stands for flexible.  This charging system was specifically designed to meet the use cases that traditional charging solutions fail to meet.

The system is easy to move around, yet packs large power sources for longer charging use without needing to recharge the unit as often.  The system comes in multiple power source configurations, allowing you to purchase only what you need.

Flexx mobile units are easy to operate, have low downtime, and are priced right for smaller budgets.  Bottom line:  Flexx charging units increase your fleet readiness, optimize your charging infrastructure and increase the ROI on your entire fleet!  


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  • Corporate Fleets
  • Emergency Response
  • Car Rental Companies
  • Airport Operations
  • Off Grid Events
  • Fleet Support
  • Municipalities
  • Construction



The mobile units can be custom wrapped with company specific artwork.


2-year parts and labor warranty AND 2 years of remote support and diagnostics

Full OCPP Compliancy. It works with ChargeUP and NovaCHARGE Fleet Director too!

All Flexx series mobile chargers are OCPP1.6j compliant. This mobile charger can integrate into any existing cloud network.  However, working with ChargeUP is unique because it has the ability to see charger battery levels inside the app.  The charger OCPP stack has 100% of the OCPP features including trigger messages, stacked profiles, and meter values.

Next-Gen Charging Platform Management System

Realize the Full Potential of Your EV Chargers

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The ChargeUP® Network is a comprehensive, next-generation, EV charging platform management system. 

Even though the Flexx mobile chargers are CPMS agnostic, we recommend the NovaCHARGE cloud platform called ChargeUPChargeUP is very unique because it has the ability to display charger battery levels inside the system.  

Key features:

Full Multi-vendor Open-standard OCPP Management

Administrator-defined Pricing & Usage Models

Flexible Host & Station Manager Role Definitions

Full Host Location Management

Flexible Administrative Accounting & Reporting

FLEXX by ChargeRigs Models

FLEXX 120, 200, 300

Lengths:  8 ft, 10.5 ft, 13 ft
Width:  4 ft
Weight:  3000, 4500, 5500 lbs
Max Output:  120 kW
Power Store:  120 kWh, 200 kWh, 300 kWh
Simultaneous:  Yes
Recharge:  Level 2/DCFC
Custom Wrap:  Yes


Feature Friendly

Commercial EV Chargers and NextGen Administration

Designed for the toughest commercial conditions, and we always include future-proof capabilities.

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