Electric Vehicle (EV) charging solutions for your retail location.


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Retailers have been increasingly investing in publicly accessible charging stations for several reasons: to attract new customers, increase in-store dwell-time and spend per visit, create an additional alternative revenue stream, and enhance their brand image. 

As retailers begin implementing electric vehicle (EV) charging it is important that you have a reputable EVSE provider that understands your business model. Together, they can assist you in selecting the right charging solutions, architecting the best system design, properly installing and activating your equipment and providing the support and diagnostics you need to be successful.

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Commercial-grade EV chargers, valuable data & easy to use tools.

NC8000 Series EV Charging Stations

Designed for cost-effective deployments, the toughest commercial conditions & with future-proof features like Point of Sale.

The ChargeUp Network

Delivers rich data & automated notifications that let you see who’s charging, how often they connect & for how long.

Apps & RFID Chips

Mobile apps make it easy for operators & drivers to communicate, while key fobs make it simple for users to quickly charge.

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Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Solutions for your retail location


Charger selection.

There are three typical pricing structures used by retailers; profit center and source of revenue, cost recovery, and no fee.

While the no-fee scenario may still be profitable due to increased customer spend, retailers investing in public EVSE can use fee structures to create a balance between dwell times and customer turnover. Estimates performed by Atlas Public Policy found that the average value a charging station delivered to a retail business for scenarios with a 25-to-50 minute dwell time was over five times greater than scenarios with 50-to-75 minutes of dwell time. Businesses with different ticket sizes will likely find different optimal fee parameters to maximize in-store spend. Fortunately, with networked chargers, tuning these values over time can be done remotely at scale across the EVSE infrastructure. 

Additionally, several retailers are beginning to explore the creative use of in-store product discount rebates for charging sessions to promote in-store foot traffic and increased overall spend per visit, especially in gas stations, highway stops and other short dwell time scenarios where DC Fast Chargers are part of the EVSE portfolio.

The Definitive Guide to Capitalizing on the EV Revolution
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The NC8000
EV charging station series.

The NC EV charging station series by NovaCHARGE is designed to meet the challenging needs of retail locations, offering the high quality and reliability that our customers demand.

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Cloud option?

The ChargeUP Network is a comprehensive, next-generation, EV charging administrative cloud solution.

Key features:

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DC Charging Series


QC Charging Series

BTC Power

DCFC Charging Series

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We strive to provide lifetime value for EV service providers, hosts, and drivers by listening to our customers’ needs, curating best-in-breed products that are built to last, and designing solutions that drive real value.

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