Limited Time Offer expires March 31, 2024

Unreliable or Non-Working Level 2 EV Chargers? Let Us Help With Our Super Switchout Promotion!

Level 2 EV chargers not working?

Super Switchout Limited Time Offer

NovaCHARGE is increasingly aware of organizations that have encountered significant difficulty after deploying EV chargers from other vendors...

In some cases, the issue is hardware reliability. In other cases, the EV charging network is unreliable, or is not providing the desired level of access and control. NovaCHARGE’s Super Switchout promotion provides organizations with an alternative to quickly and effectively replace those chargers and return to EV charging readiness with a focus on uptime and reliability.


As part of this promotion, NovaCHARGE is offering special pricing for the NC8000 Series 40 amp chargers to replace existing commercial charging equipment that is no longer functioning reliably. We are also including 3 years of our industry-leading ChargeUP charging platform management system.
Eligibility requirements are:

Have currently installed Level 2 chargers (operable or inoperable) from vendors other than NovaCHARGE

Be ready to replace non-working or non-networked chargers with NovaCHARGE Level 2 chargers

Be ready to connect existing working chargers (where compatible) and those replaced by NovaCHARGE to the ChargeUP network

To “be ready” includes but is not limited to: ensuring the integrity of the concrete and parking area, having a qualified electrician pull new wire and replace the existing circuit breaker, ensuring necessary cellular network connectivity, and other necessary site preparation.

Don't Delay! We can quick ship within 7 days of receiving a PO.

Quantities are limited.  This program is valid through March 31, 2024, and may be extended at the sole discretion of NovaCHARGE. 

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From concept to design to implementation and beyond,

We’ll work to customize EV charging for your needs.

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Step 1: Identify Needs

  • Electrical Assessment
  • Site Survey
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Step 2: Customized NovaCHARGE Solution

Best-of-breed hardware and ChargeUP charging platform management system
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Step 3: Installation

We can install directly or work with your preferred local installation vendor


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Step 4: Commissioning & Training

  • Administrator training
  • Customize usage, billing and reporting
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Step 5: Ongoing Support

7/24/365 North American based support for life of product and services
Commercial EV Chargers and NextGen Administration

We’ll provide the right EV charging solution for your application.