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providing lifetime value for
Service providers, drivers & hosts.

We strive to provide lifetime value for EV service providers, hosts, and drivers by listening to our customers’ needs, curating best-in-breed products that are built to last, and designing solutions that drive real value.

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General Statement

NovaCHARGE provides EV charging solutions and integrated services for electric utilities, municipalities, fleets, workplaces, and residential customers, throughout the United States.

Value Statement

NovaCHARGE strives to provide lifetime value for EV service providers, hosts, and drivers. We achieve this by listening to our customers’ needs, by curating best-in-breed products that are built to last, and by designing solutions that drive real value.

Promise Statement

NovaCHARGE delivers cost-effective, high-quality, turnkey EV charging deployments that ensure lasting satisfaction after the sale. We are focused on providing EV Owners with safe and reliable fueling, and Charging Station Owners with sustainable and profitable business models.

Message from the CEO

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NC8000 Charging Series

The NC8000 charging series is designed to meet the challenging needs of fleet operators, commercial businesses, EVSPs, and utilities. Built on open standards, the NC8000 offers the high quality and reliability that our customers demand.

  1. Fleets will benefit from charging that is independent of network connectivity — without losing the ability to collect data.
  2. Commercial customers and workplaces will enjoy the almost unlimited business models facilitated by the NC8000.
  3. EV drivers will benefit from our easy to use apps and great customer service
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ChargeUP Network

ChargeUP is a comprehensive, next-generation, EV charging administrative cloud solution.

  1. EV charging operators will benefit from full multi-vendor, open-standard OCPP management, administrator-defined pricing and usage models, flexible host and station manager role definitions, full host location management, and flexible administrative accounting and reporting.
  2. Drivers will enjoy the intuitive iOS and Android apps that enable a simple and effective way to find chargers and start a charging session.
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