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As more electric vehicles (EV) enter the consumer vehicle market, we’re finding that many people have questions about electric vehicle charging stations. To help you understand all of the moving parts that go into electric vehicle charging, we have provided a list of the most valuable information you will need to better educate yourself.

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The Definitive Guide to Capitalizing on the EV Revolution
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types of chargers


Level 1 EVSE

This vehicle charging device is included when you purchase a vehicle. It plugs into a standard 120V wall socket in your home or other location and provides your electric car with a “trickle” charge. A commercial Level 1 charger is perfect for workplace charging or other parking environments where the vehicle will be parked for longer periods.

Level 2 EVSE (Residential)

These charging stations are hard-wired into your home and charge an electric vehicle much faster than the Level 1 charger. The connector is the J-1772 and amperage varies between the different products.

Level 2 EVSE (Commercial)

The commercial versions of Level 2 vehicle charging stations are designed for consumers to use in a public environment. Options include access control management, RFID and credit card readers to allow for point-of-sale transactions, heavy-duty construction, and advanced communication and safety features.

Level 3 EVSE (DC Fast Chargers)

DC Fast Chargers provide a quick and efficient method to charge electric vehicles (EV). DC fast charging (480 volt 3-Phase AC input) is the fastest method for charging vehicles in fleet and commercial facilities. At this time, very few vehicles can accommodate Level 3 charging, but more are coming. DC fast chargers are capable of providing a full charge in less that 30 minutes depending on the battery size, battery management system, state of charge, and operation under optimal conditions.

networked charging


Networked Residential Charging Solutions

Homeowners will appreciate simple, easy-to-install and user friendly solutions for charging their vehicles at home. Our charging stations, which meet all NEMA requirements, are suitable for wall or pedestal mounting.

Commercial and Fleet Charging Solutions

Business & fleets benefit from lower fuel costs and less maintenance for their vehicles, as well as promote a green-friendly image. Powerful cloud technology allows for greater control and transparency over your fleet.

Fast Charging Solutions

Customers requiring access to a quick charge will enjoy our fast-charging stations. These will allow drivers to recharge as conveniently as they refuel gas today.

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