More plug-in spots for electric cars coming to Tampa Bay

The Nissan Leaf, the Chevy Volt, the Toyota Prius and the new Tesla – those are just some of the electric or hybrid vehicles zipping around Tampa Bay streets right now. One hurdle in the way of getting more plug-in vehicles on the road is more places to plug in.

“Right now in Hillsborough County, we have about 150 charging stations, which compared to the number of vehicles we have on the road is minuscule,” said Helda Rodriguez, President of NovaCharge.

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Temple Terrace to get first EV charging station

TEMPLE TERRACE — Electric vehicles have been a game changer for Jamie and Kimberly Robe.

He drives a battery-powered Nissan Leaf and she sports a Chevy Volt, an electric car that also runs on gas.

“We basically never go to the gas station and there’s no oil to change,” said Jamie, who every weekday morning drives 11 miles from his home in Temple Terrace to a downtown Tampa parking lot near his workplace, where he “fills up” at one of its EV charging stations.

On the other hand, Kimberly, a stay-at-home mom of their four children, generally charges her car with an EV charger in the garage.

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Tax Credit reinstated for 2014!

The Federal Government Extended the Alternative Fuel Tax Credit through 12/31/14.


You may qualify for rebates or tax credits. Did you install an EV home charging station or do you have plans to install one? Qualified parties can claim up to 30% of the total cost of the project (including installation) with a maximum of $30,000.00. The tax credit is per site which means that multiple credits can be taken, and applies to anyone who has installed charging stations between January 1, 2014 and December 31, 2014.

Please consult with your tax advisor to determine your eligibility.

More information on the Alternative Fuel Tax Credit extension can be found on the IRS website:

Contact NovaCharge today at (866) 417-9995 or email us at if we can help you with this tax credit – or, if you are ready for more chargers!

The Voice of Bart Simpson Wants You to Check Out Electric Cars Next Week

I knew the fourth annual National Drive Electric Week would be big, but I didn’t realize it would be this big! We’re having free events in 135+ cities September 15-21 to share the fuel cost-saving, clean-air, and fun-driving benefits of electric vehicles; there is probably an event near you. Sierra Club, Plug In America, and the Electric Auto Association -the three national organizers of Drive Electric Week — are pleased to announce this week that we’ve hit the quarter million mark of electric vehicles (EVs) on the road in the US. EVs are turning the corner -and fast.

Even (the voice of) Bart Simpson is excited. “I bought a Nissan Leaf about two years ago,” said The Simpsons actor Nancy Cartwright. “I shaved nearly an hour off my driving to The Simpsons set and back because I can drive in the carpool lane. Got lots of thumbs up on the freeway. That said, I am a HUGE fan of Tesla and can’t wait to ‘fly’ with my ‘falcon-doored’ bird, the Tesla Model X…Aesthetic, functional and sets a great example for safeguarding our environment.”

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